Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weekly Challenge #67: "Amanda Day"

This weeks Diva challenge is to honor Earth Day.  Her son Chewie has renamed the Earth - he now calls it Amanda!  So...this week I will be using one of the new Zendala tiles.  This will be interesting to see all the different ways we interpret "Amanda Day".  Personally I love all plants and trees...maybe I'll do mine in shades of green and blue.  Thank you to Chewie for his take on Earth Day!  Happy Tangling to All.


  1. Using rainbow colors was a great idea! This is a really gorgeous zendala!

  2. Beautiful! Your color choices couldn't be better.

  3. i'm having a lot of trouble making my circles look right - i should practice by duplicating your zendala! haha! i love it!