Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Challenge #66: Laura's Auras

This weeks Diva challenge is to place "Auras" around your tangle.  Draw the tangle and then place the aura around it.  A simple line...but it makes a big difference in the way the tangle plays on the tile.  As always my challenge is done in a 4 x 6 drawing journal.  A little bit more work, but I love the extra space.  I don't know if anyone has given it a name, but the little loop that I add in the dips...I call it "Sseedz" 'cause it reminds me of Strawberry seeds! Glad to hear that Artoo is on the mend.  It is truly heartbreaking when little ones aren't well.  

Wishing everyone a great week!



  1. How cool is this! What is the design in the upper left corner called? I love the geometric look of it then the "lace" on the outer edge.

  2. Wow this is absolutely gorgeous. So much going on and still it doesn't get overcrowded. It really makes my imagination wake up.

  3. So clean and crisp, and the auras make it look even more beautiful!

  4. Cool combo of Hollibaugh and 'NZeppel! I'm not sure that I've ever seen the beautiful tangle in the center lower trianglular area before...can you identify it? Sseedz is a delightful variation! Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Thanks Amy...If it's the one I'm's called Me is the link for the directions...

  5. Cindy, I like that this is simple and complex at the same time. Really beautiful!

  6. Beautifully done, great lines and flow. It's a wonderful Zentangle machine!